2016 Goals


  • Aerial Twisted Grip Handspring
  • Twisted Grip Deadlift
  • Full Cocoon
  • Splits on the pole

Weak Areas

  • Spin pole
  • Floorwork
  • Routines
  • Freestyle
  • Dork side


  • Flexible shoulders!
  • Flat front splits on both sides
  • Flatter middle split
  • Flat Pancake
  • Comfortable chest to wall Bridge
  • Chest stand
  • Superman bridge pole hold
  • Scorpion Pose
  • Standing splits


  • Handstand Deadlift
  • Freestanding Handstands
  • Getting into Elbow stand without a wall


  • Compete
  • Do instructor training

In more words

I feel a little stumped with my pole training. Every trick I didn’t nail requires either requires a great deal of strength or flexibility. So I feel that in the meantime I need to revisit the things that I already know, smooth them out, connect them together in longer combos and use them on spin pole.

I feel like I need more dancing, playing with the tricks I know, coming up with routines or parts of routines to the growing collection of songs that I have. I want to do a floorwork of the day, and work an easy floor move\transition at home every day, expand my transitionary and explore movement in general.

I also need to be more pro-active with my flexibility training. I’m not sure how my back is going to love an additional training each week, but surely I can do more with my leg flexibility, not to mention my shoulders .

So bubble butt routine should be back, along with outer hip work and hip flexors flexibility, plus some shoulder work from Fit & Bendy’s new Shoulder School DVD. More home pole and adding home handstand practice.


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